A moment in time

Power within my soul

Breathless and speechless

The wheel of time moves slowly along

Panic and stillness

Almost stop me from completing my task

I use the energy and excitement

To spur me on

Focused upon my goal

I run as fast as I can

No longer panicking

We have a duty

We must protect

We are the guardians

The life is saved

All is well

But these thoughts

These thoughts….

Won’t stop rushing through my head

Turning and churning

Never stopping

We saved a life

This is real

No time for thought

As duty calls.



Power and Corruption

Power and Corruption are of the same measure

The more power you have

The more corrupt you are

Everyone knows this

But what if you don’t want power

And it is trusted upon you

Are you no longer corruptible?

My story blog

So I am going to bite the bullet and make my second blog public. I am writing it now and then, it has three categories, the first one Heroquest is a story I am basing off a series of games, and am using it to practice writing stories. The second one is called quest, I am slowly trying to write the story that was originally a dream that inspired me to become a writer. The third is Extras, where I write short stuff and ideas from the top of my head, they could be sub parts to wither the main stories or background stories to the main stories I really want to write about. I hope you like it.


Goju Ryu the chinese side of the force

If you just look at the surface of Goju Ryu, it looks just like a typical hard karate style, with Jitsu skills. Or a Jitsu system with karate skills thrown into it, and to be fair that is what interested me in the first place as I started in Jitsu and couldn’t believe there was a system that combined the two. At the time I wanted to study Wing Chun, I loved the fact that it was close quarters, had a sticky hands and looked brutal. This explains the other reasons why I fell in love with Goju Ryu  the fact that it is close quarters and can seem both beautiful and brutal at the same time.

Anyway as you will know I went to china to study white crane for a few months, and took some wing chun classes on my return, and even though that it was quite a long time ago I keep seeing more and more similarities between Goju Ryu and Wing Chun and therefore white crane. Just the way that we do San dan gi ichi and ni, can do kakie and Hatkutsuru-te makes me see this connection. But the other day when I was learning some more bunkai (self defence applications and the meaning behind the kata’s) for Shisochin kata, had my draw drop, it is something that I have seen in both the Chinese systems, and it’s subtlety and simpleness wasn’t something I expected in Goju Ryu.

It is stuff within the system that helps make it seem so much more than karate, and I think these Chinese roots makes the system a lot more evolved than a lot of other karate systems. It is a reason why  I love the Okinawan martial arts, the blending of arts and the masters not afraid to try different things makes the Okinawan martial arts that much richer.

Blackbelt/Brownbelt course

I really enjoyed going to the black/brown belt course. It was very insightful, and I really loved to see how the subtlety between how the lower kyu grades do kata, and how we should do kata pretty much transforms the kata in my eyes. Just the way that the stances are alive, how each little movement has a meaning, and how when I thought that the salute of each kata, was just a salute and how it is actually the start of the kata has to me transformed the way I do kata from beginning to the end.

I think that it changes my mindset, in that when I normally do kata I do it from muscle memory and how I think each kata’s character feels like. Now I feel the nature of the kata from the beginning to the end. It makes me realise that although I know a lot about the kata’s that I know, and that I need to know a lot more, the course pretty much humbled me into realising how much I don’t truly know, and that I need to work even harder to develop them. I need to change the way I do kata from a kyu level, into the level that I need to be at.

I love kata, the meaning behind them, that they are alive, a blue print for strategies and muscle memory. One of my main problems when I studied Jitsu prior to Goju Ryu was that when I asked if there was a way to train techniques at home, that for me I really need to practice them by myself to get better at them. The sensei said you only learn in the classroom. To me that made my learning experience much harder, as I am one of those people who have to keep practicing something a lot of times in order for it to be trained into me. The moment I found out that you can do this with karate, with kata made me very excited.

The cage leads to rage

Pulsating beneath the skin

Bubbling and brewing

Slowly building

In a dark and deep cauldron

The rage deep inside wants to be released

Trapped and betrayal push me to my limits

I hate being caged like a lower animal

I hate the chains that bound me to the ground

Anger at the injustice of the world

I need to find a release

I need to be free

Prowling and stalking within my cage

Defines the limits of my existence

No more,

No more,

I will burst through this cage with my bloody hands

As they rip the chain off the walls

My legs want to burst with tension

I want to roar

Roar like the animal that I am

Deep inside my cage

A simple message

The rising sun shines upon life

The mountain is grounded

The trees blossom

The birds sing

The breeze is gentle

The river is strong

The stars are pretty

The moon is a beacon

What do these metaphors mean?

When I look into your eyes