Hannibal for king an inspiration

Hannibal’s passion is for calisthenics, bodyweight training, bar training, whatever you may want to call it nothing stops him from achieving his goals through hard work and dedication. Through him and barstarzz’s my home workouts have had an evolution! Nothing amazing but the small things that I can do now, that I couldn’t before are to me astounding , it may not be great to others, but to me it shows that hard work and perseverance are everything.  But he is such a nice guy, I mean in every video and article he has not said a bad word to anyone, his motto is that by everyone (the community) getting together and pushing each other to the best of what they can do, then everyone wins.

The small things I can do now are through people like him who don’t put you down and tell you that you can’t do something, they tell you only you can do it, and only you can let yourself down, you have to keep pushing yourself.  With every hanging leg raise I can now do, with every extra chinup or close grip pullup I can do that is what matters.  Be the best that you can be.


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