The magic of snow

What is it about snow, 

For when it falls,

Magic once lost,

Returns to the world,

No matter how old you are,

The eyes start to sparkle,

Seeing the wonder,

From long,

Long ago,

Through the eyes of child,

You once were,

What is it about snow,

Although cold and bitter,

Makes us feel cosy,

Safe and warm,

What is it about snow,

Being all white and fluffy,

Like the clouds have descended from heaven,

Transforming the land,

To a wondrous winter wonder land,

What is it about snow,

That we yearn for it,

Every time it’s Christmas,

What is it about snow,

That it can shine in the darkest part of winter


The darkness inside

I’m a child of the light,

Born to spread happiness to others,

A spark of joy for each and every soul,

I live to make others laugh,

But even though I am of the light,

There is a darkness deep dark inside me,

Hidden away like a old familiar scar upon my soul,

Dark and brooding and ready to strike at a moment’s notice,

Ready to spread across my eyes,

Clouding my judgement,

Preparing to torment me with its whirlwind of doubts,




Like poison running through my veins,

Spreading across,




The younger me would have succumbed to the darkness,

It’s eternal prisoner,

Unable to scream,

Struggling against its ice cold chains,

Chains that are bonded to my wrists and ankles,

I have to remember these are just thoughts,

My thoughts,

My inner demon,

That loves to be in overdrive,

I must remember,

I fought for so much,


Not only survived but conquered my challenges,

I have come a long way,

Through the darkness,

Searching for the light,

But the light has always been there,

Waiting for me to return

I now know I am a child of the light,

I want to help spread it’s joy,

But I have to accept its part of who I am,

A burden I must bare,

To energise others in my care,

As long as use to overcome myself,

I am no longer enslaved by the darkness,

I am of the light,

But the darkness is an old friend

Sunrise over the trees

Sunrise over the treetops,

Brightening up the sky,

Even through the dark grey clouds,

The sun light reaches the river,

Making the water glisten as if in harmony with the light,

As the sun kissed water flows,

Traveling down it’s path,

It’s like it’s spreading the sunlight,

Across the lands,

As it sparkles along it’s journey,

The sunrise reaches higher,

Spreading more light,

Being carried away by the current of the river,

The grass looks greener on the other side of the river,

Close to where the sunrise is being born,

As the sun rises even higher,

The grey clouds seem to be coming apart, 

Bringing to life,

The fresh greenness of the grass and of the trees,

That are spread across the hills,

As the sunrise slowly turns to the morning sun,

Showing the beauty of the land,

Water and sky,

Even beyond the hills,

And travelling, 


Far away