To sing as the sun sets,
To laugh as the world cries,
To cherish the moments,
To weep over a newborn child,
To shout over a thorn in your little finger,
To moan from excess food,
To live every single little moment,
Happiness inch by inch


Five years ago I became a Karateka

Five years today I walked into the Dojo,

Five years ago today I was confronted with fear,

Five years ago today I entered the world of Karate,

Five years where I found a club that I felt like I belonged,

I always wanted to do a martial art but never Karate,

Thought it was just for kids that it was weak and flashy,

Then I saw the advert of Combat Karate and thought I’d give it a bash,

How wrong was I!,

I discovered kata and I discovered bunkai,

I discovered how very real it could be and I was simply humbled,

I’ve made many wrong decisions and very few right ones in life,

Becoming a karateka has been one of the best choices in my life,

Five years ago today I wasn’t just a misfit but became a karateka,

And perhaps still a misfit,

After five years I want to say thank you to all that I have trained with,

Graded with,

Been taught under,

Thank you,


My inner face

I have seen the true face of my inner self,

Its hard yet soft predator eyes staring back deep into my soul,

It face hidden in the shadows,

It passes through the light and I see it clearly and with incredible detail,

This is just a daydream,

But it looks so real that I could touch it,

Staring hard and just waiting,

Is it ready to pounce?

It slowly enters the shadows again,

Staring at me with its yellow and green like eyes,

It knows my name,

It looks so soft and gentle,

And yet hard and ready to fight at a moments notice,

But I have not yet earned the right to call him my inner animal,

One day I will,

And when that day comes I will truly know thyself,

Be who I was meant to be,

But I have to earn that right,

Little by little

Each and everyday,

It would be so easy to turn away and be something else,

Something weaker,

The lion within wants to get out of its cage


The way of the dojo

Everytime I try to pick myself up,

I Fall

Life tries to put me down,

Under the weight of its huge boot,

I hate failing,

Constantly Falling,

Everytime I step into the dojo,

Fear spreads into my gut,

Pain lashes at me,

I might drop to one knee,

Pain overwhelming me,

Why do I do this,

The answer is always in the mirror,

In the reflection of my soul,

Wanting to be more than I am,

To push myself to the best I can be,

The pain is still there,

I let my true inner self,

The beast rise from within,

I put on the gi,

With a tingling sensation as I put on my dark belt,

I get humbled each time,

But once that belt is tied upon my waist,

My true face comes alive,

The journey is still long,

But this is one path I shall not walk from,

I may limp,

I may bleed and wince,

But if I have to i’ll crawl that path,

Never give up

It is the way of the dojo