Visualising Karate

This morning I had to sit in an office and be an exam invigilator for a few hours. Mentally this could have gone one of two ways. First way, boredom, and sheer dread at how slow time was dragging. Or I could occupy my mind. So naturally I chose karate.

Using visualisation I went through my Karate syllabus and was quite surprised with how in-depth my Karate imagination was. First I went though all my bunkai (kata’s self defence), even a few later kata one’s that I was experimenting with inside my head. Bunkai have always been my strongest foundation within karate.

Next I went through throws, happy to know 15 off by heart with the right names. Then seeing which set of kata’s bunkai had those throws (I counted about 9). Even though we are not a throwing based system, it’s nice to know that we have about 12-15 strong throws that we rely upon.

Then I went through weapons, drills I know, quickflame with the jo staff. I realised that I need to refocus on my weapons, as I was less confident with them. Going through basic weapon defence, wrist locks etc.

Then I went through my kata, something I’ve been really trying to focus on outside of fight club. What is interesting is that shisochin kata and bunkai I seem to find the most natural, and went through them quicker than the others.

When I went through the San kata’s ( Sanchin ichi, ni, tensho and Sanzhan) I felt like I was mediating, the same feeling I’ve only had before from a really good yoga instructor, my inner mind was very calm and peaceful.

Next I went through kihon and kihon ido, recalling all the correct terminology. I couldn’t believe that I memorized them well, despite rarely reading them.

Then I touched upon basic grappling, and what each kata’s names mean.

To someone outside of the martial arts world this would seem tedious, but to me I felt my mind engage in a way it hasn’t done in a long time. I was thinking non stop about karate for nearly two hours. You should try it sometime.