New years resolutions for a karate man

Most of.last years resolutions were a success I achieved my blackbelt and have completed a few stories.
This year my main resolutions will be consistency in whatever I am aiming to achieve.

So in karate terms to train daily, not as in the only thing I’ll do in my spare time but if I want to get better than I have to be more consistent with it.

For instance, more focus on stretching, conditioning, practicing kata everyday but asign a different kata per day, so Monday will be sanseru and Wednesday geksai etc but each day I will do a sanchin kata be it sanchin, tensho or even sanzhan.

With story writing I want to record most of my ideas in one journal rather than scattered everywhere and go to courses on how to write stories.

Consistency is where most people fall off the wagon, and this year it’s something I want to focus upon.