The steps to understanding kata

To those who don’t understand kata they are just pretty forms,

A dance with an edge,

Not useful for a fight,

To those who appreciate kata,

It is a flow of techniques,

A lot like shadow boxing brining move and move together,

It records the history of its techniques,

It can be like a good workout,

Exercising and strengthening the muscles,

Developing muscle memory,

So that you can drill technique’s together and use them in a fight without having to think,

Which could slow you down,

But what about those who love kata,

Each kata is its own beast,

Its own animal,

Its own spirit,

You become apart of that kata and mould it to how you understand it,

That understanding changes over time,

Brashness of youth,

The soft whisper of connection,

The gentleness and inner strength of years gone by,

It changes and yet stays the same,

Each katas spirit guide you into its area of expertise,

I’ve always apprectiated kata and somewhat loved it,

But to truly love it is like when you can no longer use it,

It is a tool that focuses the mind,

Sharpens the body,

That brings a power and eagerness when you need it,

And at other times stills the storm within your mind,

It is just you and the kata,

Like a craftsman or an artist,

Working on perfecting not the kata,

But yourself,

Martials is a way of life,

And kata is one of its greatest tools,

Many say that it is useless in a fight,

All I can say is that the best sparring matches I have ever had,

Is when there has been this incredible focus,

The minds stills,

And everything seems so peaceful and beautiful,

Time slows down and you can read your opponents actions,

I have for a long time tried to recreate that feeling,

Only from extremely intense yoga sessions or when I have finished a grading,

Have I found such peace,

But recently I have discovered that peace,

That incredible focus that stills the war of everyday life,

How is it that in the heat of battle you can find the greatest peace.


I walk in no mans land

It’s been a battle of wills,

Between beast and demon,

One gives you the strength to bowl through anything,

The other leads you to self-destruction,

I stand in no-man’s land,

I can no longer hide in the depths of bunkers,

I’m on the verge of achieving something that I have only dreamed of,

I should be in my limelight,

But it’s not in the physical realm where I am struggling,

It is all in the mind,

Will I survive to face this challenge?

Will I crumble?

If I am able to live the goal where does this take me?

Do I dare to dream even bigger dreams?

I am always in the shadows like a wolf,

Do I dare step out into the sun like a lion?

Pressure when it builds and builds

It builds and it builds,

The pressure before my mind,

Time stands still and I am lost,

What am I to do?

Who am I?

I am use to failing to falling all my life,

Further and further to the abyss,

Sometimes I dream of what could be,

And get lost in those moments,

There has been one foundation that has kept me on course,

Steering my away from tidal waves and the black hole that forever looms,

What happens when that foundation isn’t valve from the pressure building and building,

I am so use to it keeping my mind clear and focused,

I hide in things and get obsessive over them,

And normally my foundation keeps me strong and controls the demons within,

Where do I turn to when I need a valve?