Eyes of the lion

Once again I find myself at the edge,

Edge of the abyss,

You led me down this path,

When you said you would never hurt me,

You cut me to the core,

Deeper than anyone else has,

Left me to bleed to death,

Without a care in the world,

But I’ve been down this path before,


Unbridled rage,

Anger flaming hot,

Like the blood of the Phoenix,

Pounding across my body,

Anger at being so foolish,

Anger at you betraying when I need to be strong,

I gave you all I had,

I thought you cared,

But that was another lie,

I was born to be the lone wolf,

Prowling like the angry beast I am inside,

I will not self destruct,

I will focusing this fire deep inside,

That I once lost,

But now it has returned in abundance,

Focusing it for the battle ahead,

The abyss will never claim me,

The fire will not engulf me in flames,

My Lion Eyes have returned,

The king is back,

Hungry to be at the top.


A dream to say goodbye

As I kept waking up, my mind was like please let it be a dream, please let her still be my girl. It did this several times. Then I had a dream, she walked into this old crooky house towards me, we lay in bed, I held her for a time. I could feel her, like she was actually there in the real world, as I was stroking her arm, her lower back, stroking her hair and kissing her head as I use to. It was like I had been given a last chance to hold my woman tightly. I could feel her love, and this profound sadness. I was at peace, that I have only ever been when we would connect and cuddle each other. I could feel that she was starting to fade from my physical touch, I was panicking desperate to hold her, just a bit longer I thought, just a bit longer. I said to her please don’t go, she slowed down fading. I said to her will I ever see you again. She said I do not know yet. I said will we ever be together again. She said with a sad voice, I do not know yet. I chased her as she was fading, towards the door. Her hair colour different from the real world, more like the green when we first started to be attracted to each other. I felt her love and her deep sadness. It wasn’t a no, it wasn’t a yes. It was up to fate to decide.

Adieu my Love, Adieu

They say eyes are windows to the soul,

I found the most beautiful soul of them all, 

Heart so pure,

Yet shrouded in darkness,

I thought my burning bright light could heal you,

I thought our love was meant forever,

I was your shield,

And you gave me peace,

Our souls fitting like two halves,

I had finally found my paradise, 

It was all so magical,

With you by my side I could face anything, 

You came to my crowning moment, dragged your family across the land just to support me,

They welcomed me with open arms,

You were my paradise

We have been through so much,

The great storms of life, battling against the indomitable ocean,

Wave after wave crashing over us,

I lifted you up in your darkness moment,

Prepared to sacrifice myself for you to survive,

My love for you is so strong,

My connection to you so pure,

We survived for a time,

Drifting on that great blue ocean,

Finding small islands of paradise,

I lived for those small moments,

They were all I needed,

When you let me in,

There was nothing on this world compared to that kind of joy,

Alas one day you needed to visit a paradise on your own, 

We reconnected so strongly,

Our love so pure,

I knew that you were coming back,

But our love would stay out on the horizon,

I realise for you to save yourself,

I had no choice but to let you go,

Perhaps one day, 

When you are whole,

And the tide of time heals all wounds,

We can journey to the horizon to find our love,

Adieu my love, 


It’s time we both grow stronger,

Adieu my friend,


I will always care for you,



Maybe one day we will find each other again.

Poem about my girl earning her black belt

My girlfriend is a black belt,

 A black belt,  a black belt,

 She is dating a black gi,

 A black gi, a black gi,

 My girlfriend is a shodan ho,

 Shodan ho, a shodan ho,

 My girlfriend is my shoho,

Shoho, Yay!!!!

All I want to do is help

I know it feels like darkness has clouded the world,

And your mind can be a lonely place,

Through the darkest times of our lives,

We often find our greatest strength,

Strength that I know you have within,

Courage like a thousand warriors,

A heart as glorious as the sun,

But when you struggle through the darkness,

Look out for my light,

My light is that of a lighthouse,

Showing you the path,

Showing that you don’t have to be alone,

For you will always be loved,

Love can lighten your path,

Your burden,

I know that you have the strength within,

To follow that light,

To become the woman I know you were born to be

Riding the tides of life

The last few weeks,

Of pain and torment,

Everything is in confusion,

Life is like one big contusion,

Where do I stand,

The tides are againts me,

I am drowning,

Madness the world doesn’t know how to be quite,

I can solve this,

But I can’t,

Trying to is driving me insane,

Tearing me apart,

It is out of my hands,

What am I to do,

I see a wave,

But instead of dread,

The fear of life overcoming me,

Not my own pain,

But someone I care deeply about,

I don’t fight the waves,

I jump up on the board, and ride with the waves,

The thrill and excitement,

Peace slowly spreads into me,

The joy of life,

A release of all my tension,

As I have tried so hard to be everything,

Whether its my work face,

Training face,

Goofy face,

Lovers face,

Home face,

Its jusy my face,


I am who I am,

Sometimes I’m wild and loud,

Other times I am quiet snd thoughtful,

I’m free to be me,

With each wave I ride,

Helps me to realise that this pain is in my head,

To problems I can’t solve,

I just have to except them,

And hope it goes my way,

And realise it may not but thats okay,

Some waves I fall,

But I pick myself up and go up that wall,

Realising failing isnt the end,

You learn each time,

So when you do catch that next wave,

You grow more confident each time,

I feel relaxed and calm,

My two sides are in sync,

I have accepted life,

And just go with the flow,

I still won’t give up,

I won’t let life take me down,

But I will ride the waves,

Life is like one big rave,

Searching for that perfect wave,

That perfect moment.

My world

Baby I love you,

More than you can know,

Even when it snows,

I know times are tough,

And life is feeling rough,

But with you and me,

Together we are meant to be,

Sailing along the river,

Enjoying a romantic dinner,

We make each other laugh,

As we are each others half,

When it is feeling cold,

Or when we get rather old,

We will always have each other,

You’ll always be my lover,

In the day I love to cuddle,

And at night we get to snuggle,

Keeping each other warm,

Loving you is my norm,

As we go on our big adventure,

For the rest of our lives.