Poem about my girl earning her black belt

My girlfriend is a black belt,

 A black belt,  a black belt,

 She is dating a black gi,

 A black gi, a black gi,

 My girlfriend is a shodan ho,

 Shodan ho, a shodan ho,

 My girlfriend is my shoho,

Shoho, Yay!!!!

All I want to do is help

I know it feels like darkness has clouded the world,

And your mind can be a lonely place,

Through the darkest times of our lives,

We often find our greatest strength,

Strength that I know you have within,

Courage like a thousand warriors,

A heart as glorious as the sun,

But when you struggle through the darkness,

Look out for my light,

My light is that of a lighthouse,

Showing you the path,

Showing that you don’t have to be alone,

For you will always be loved,

Love can lighten your path,

Your burden,

I know that you have the strength within,

To follow that light,

To become the woman I know you were born to be

Riding the tides of life

The last few weeks,

Of pain and torment,

Everything is in confusion,

Life is like one big contusion,

Where do I stand,

The tides are againts me,

I am drowning,

Madness the world doesn’t know how to be quite,

I can solve this,

But I can’t,

Trying to is driving me insane,

Tearing me apart,

It is out of my hands,

What am I to do,

I see a wave,

But instead of dread,

The fear of life overcoming me,

Not my own pain,

But someone I care deeply about,

I don’t fight the waves,

I jump up on the board, and ride with the waves,

The thrill and excitement,

Peace slowly spreads into me,

The joy of life,

A release of all my tension,

As I have tried so hard to be everything,

Whether its my work face,

Training face,

Goofy face,

Lovers face,

Home face,

Its jusy my face,


I am who I am,

Sometimes I’m wild and loud,

Other times I am quiet snd thoughtful,

I’m free to be me,

With each wave I ride,

Helps me to realise that this pain is in my head,

To problems I can’t solve,

I just have to except them,

And hope it goes my way,

And realise it may not but thats okay,

Some waves I fall,

But I pick myself up and go up that wall,

Realising failing isnt the end,

You learn each time,

So when you do catch that next wave,

You grow more confident each time,

I feel relaxed and calm,

My two sides are in sync,

I have accepted life,

And just go with the flow,

I still won’t give up,

I won’t let life take me down,

But I will ride the waves,

Life is like one big rave,

Searching for that perfect wave,

That perfect moment.

My world

Baby I love you,

More than you can know,

Even when it snows,

I know times are tough,

And life is feeling rough,

But with you and me,

Together we are meant to be,

Sailing along the river,

Enjoying a romantic dinner,

We make each other laugh,

As we are each others half,

When it is feeling cold,

Or when we get rather old,

We will always have each other,

You’ll always be my lover,

In the day I love to cuddle,

And at night we get to snuggle,

Keeping each other warm,

Loving you is my norm,

As we go on our big adventure,

For the rest of our lives.

The yang to my yin

When the skies are blue,

And not even a single cloud in the sky,

When the sun is high,

Shinny brightly over the world,

When a gentle breeze passes on a summers day,

And all is calm,

And there is nothing but laughter,

This is how you make me feel,

When times are tough,

Fighting through the eye of a storm,

You are what anchors me to the ground,

You are what gives me light,

Even in the darkest moments,

You are what gives me peace,

That I have never known before,

Even when the world is at war,

You give me the strength to be me.

A journey through shadows

Circled by darkness,
The birds of shadow are hunting,
Waiting for my fall,
Scavengers of life,
Waiting to take me piece by piece,
The darkness spreads,
I no longer know what light is,
Despair pain and madness are all the same,
A vicious cycle that never seems to end,
I’m looking for someone to save me,
Why will no one save me,
Lost alone,
I reach the abyss waiting for the shadows,
No one is there to save me,
I am alone,
I realise as I fall,
Wind rushing against my face,
Only one person can save me,
That is me the shadows,
I am the one circling,
Hunting myself down,
It is not weakness,
But fear of nothingness,
Of never being more than I am,
Embracing the darkness,
I no longer run away from its pull,
But neither do I let it drag me down,
Of the deep waters of the lagoon,
I embrace who I truly am,
And fight,
Fight against the current,
My arms spread,
Growing longer and wider,
Wings are forming,
Sheer will is my power,
Pulling against despair,
Shoulders burn with intensity,
As I fight to fly high above the sky,
The shadows pounce on my flesh,
I growl,
A beast is released from within my chest,
I fight to be amongst the skies,
To the one I truly I am,
To earn the white feathers,
With the black stripe around my waist,
Then you show up,
Showing me who I could be,
The shadows have gone,
I no longer fight,
I am happy for a time,
I learn to be more than fight over fear,
Laughter is in my heart,
But then you change,
Still beautiful but with a colder edge,
You want me to be something else,
Someone else,
You make me choose between those I love,
And you,
I am nearly torn in two,
Who am I,
I no longer know,
I never felt pain as much,
Since the fall of Man,
My soul has grown,
I love me for me now,
First time since forever,
How dare anyone try to turn me into a shell of the being I am,
I am proud of who I am,
Despite my flaws,
I remember the shadows,
Pain the beast from within,
I shall not fall,
But embrace who I am,
And battle the eternal battle,
Of life versus fear,
I will confront my  fear,
Amongst the line of shadows facing me,
Their faces cold with no emotions,
Ready to destroy me,
I am my strength,
My will, will be strong,
But I won’t forget the light that you showed me,
I now live instead of hiding from the shadows.

A magical journey

Down the magical river,
on a boat hiding from the evil fairies,
Popping from tavern to tavern,
meeting all kinds of strange and wonderful folk,
Magic is fresh and alive,
Reborn after years of its century of turmoil,
The boat is being invaded by pixie pirates,
The drummer scares them off with his portable drums,
But it only slows them down,
The singer finds a magic carpet,
And embracing the bold,
They jump,
Tumbling down about to fall into the water,
The magic carpet comes to life,
His name is Henry bonbash
The carpet flys them to the castle in the sky,
Dodging birds the size of planes,
And enter into the palace of palpatine