New years resolutions for a karate man

Most of.last years resolutions were a success I achieved my blackbelt and have completed a few stories.
This year my main resolutions will be consistency in whatever I am aiming to achieve.

So in karate terms to train daily, not as in the only thing I’ll do in my spare time but if I want to get better than I have to be more consistent with it.

For instance, more focus on stretching, conditioning, practicing kata everyday but asign a different kata per day, so Monday will be sanseru and Wednesday geksai etc but each day I will do a sanchin kata be it sanchin, tensho or even sanzhan.

With story writing I want to record most of my ideas in one journal rather than scattered everywhere and go to courses on how to write stories.

Consistency is where most people fall off the wagon, and this year it’s something I want to focus upon.


Fantasy writing

There is a few books that I have been reading at the moment, by Karen miller, and I have accidentally found it a great mental exercise in discovering how to write great characters and political intrigue.

Her greatest strengths are also her greatest weakness, she is so good at creating this vibrant characters and political/cultural edge that she overemphasis it and after the first 400 pages starts to drag (into the second book as well).

What I love about her characterisation is that they will have one major trait about them that both affects them in positive and negative ways, it is such a refreshing approach and makes them seem so much more real and vibrant. That these characters who might do the right thing get in their own way because that is what their nature dictates.

The Wardens Oath

Promote peace,
Protect the innocent,
Preserve life,
Prepare for war
Purpose not to kill unless no option
This is the one and true oath,
Of he who follows the path of a warden,
A true Warden needs no armour

story imagination!

Quite excited at the two stories I have started to write, the first ghost story is slightly out of my realm but really allows me to push my imagination, inspired by being drag to to horror films, when I don’t watch horror!

The second one was from me chatting to a friend, trying to develop a story Idea, and me spouting lots of random ideas together, it is in the same universe as the Warden series.

Row chapters 4 and 5

This chapter was harder to write, as i wanted to establish how the world is being effected outside of the Wardens war. It took me a while to write it, but it helped me lead into chapter 5 which is much better written. I wanted to show how the world has turned since the Wardens fell, and how even their rise is causing new problems.

While both chapter 4 and 5 are first drafts, and chapter 4 could use alot of editing, it helped me lead to chapter 5 which established a few new sinister characters. For this reason I decided to post both 4 and 5 at the same time.

Please tell if you think that I no longer need chapter 4. Also the next few chapters will focus back on the Wardens.

I am thinking about writing a scifi story as well, from a first person perspective, not sure when they all will be posted next, but I will put a notice on here.

Rise of the Wardens Ch 3 overview

So I have posted chapter 3, what has me quite excited about these three chapters is that they are all very different but seem to flow together (listening to the man of steel trailer over and over again will do that), I wanted to show the wardens rising but I didn’t want to diminish the unnerving power of the Druids influence. The heart of the empires corrupted land is a dark place, and it needs hope.

When I thought of that Dragons staff, I had a vivid three dimensional idea of what it looks like, trying to convey that into words was hard and its less of a deadly weapon  but is more of tai chi like weapon in the sense that it will absorb the energy and counter what has been thrown against it.

And I didn’t need to add a description to when the dragons came, everyone loves dragons!

My first year of blogging!!!!!!!

It is weird to think that I started this blog, my first ever blog a year ago today. A lot can happen in a year, and having this and my other blog has been a source of strength. It has helped me write in and experiment in different ways, helping me to feed the creative part of my being. My story writing has improved, my poetry has improved and it has all enabled me to grow and expand in new ways.

There is also a sense of community in blogging that I like, akin to that of the martial world. I will continue to blog and hopefully this will become the stepping stone for me to become the writer that I want to be. Martial arts fantasy stories and writing are all apart of who I am, I hope to keep you the readers interested, and for you to put me in my place should if ever my ego get too big for its boots.