LLife is like…..

They often say that life is like tumbling down the rabbit hole,

With its twist and turns,

You don’t know where you are going,

It can be dark and scary and lonesome,

If you let it,

Rather than perceiving it as the rabbit hole,

colstraphoic and painful,

It is not like the rabbit hole,

It is more like a roller coaster,

It can be dark scary and full of madness,

But that is what helps it give us excitement,

The thrill of living,

There are ups and downs,

We all prefer the ups,

The downs help to define us ,

Of who we could become,

I believe if you let it life will keep you down,

Just like Rocky in the films,

If you believe in yourself and push onwards,

You can rise above it,

And surf the clouds,

Looking down upon the world,

With the power of hope


Rise of the Wardens Ch 3 overview

So I have posted chapter 3, what has me quite excited about these three chapters is that they are all very different but seem to flow together (listening to the man of steel trailer over and over again will do that), I wanted to show the wardens rising but I didn’t want to diminish the unnerving power of the Druids influence. The heart of the empires corrupted land is a dark place, and it needs hope.

When I thought of that Dragons staff, I had a vivid three dimensional idea of what it looks like, trying to convey that into words was hard and its less of a deadly weapon  but is more of tai chi like weapon in the sense that it will absorb the energy and counter what has been thrown against it.

And I didn’t need to add a description to when the dragons came, everyone loves dragons!



My first year of blogging!!!!!!!

It is weird to think that I started this blog, my first ever blog a year ago today. A lot can happen in a year, and having this and my other blog has been a source of strength. It has helped me write in and experiment in different ways, helping me to feed the creative part of my being. My story writing has improved, my poetry has improved and it has all enabled me to grow and expand in new ways.

There is also a sense of community in blogging that I like, akin to that of the martial world. I will continue to blog and hopefully this will become the stepping stone for me to become the writer that I want to be. Martial arts fantasy stories and writing are all apart of who I am, I hope to keep you the readers interested, and for you to put me in my place should if ever my ego get too big for its boots.

Writing ch2 of ROW

So I have just posted chapter 2, it was quiet exciting writing the three chapters in one go. I had some cool ideas and a general direction and went with it. I find this gives you the freedom to experiment and yet stay on track to what you want to write, as whatever you want to write doesn’t always translate into words.

The first chapter was definitely meant to set the mood for a darker tone on this I suppose third revision of this world I created, the Druids are far more darker and mysterious which I believe adds more to the world, not to mention hinting that they are not all on the same page helped make it far more interesting to write.

This second chapter I wanted to focus on writing a bit of a love story as it is something i personally love in some fantasy stories, but an area I rarely write in, which is good for me as it will hopefully develop me as a writer.

The third chapter will be uploaded on saturday, if people like it then I will try to start writing more, but I will have to start planning it out more, I have some general ideas but the more chapters you write, the more of a plan you need.

I will write a synopsis after the three chapters trying to explain a little bit about the world that the wardens have found themselves in.

hope you enjoy.





Rise of the Wardens

I have just written a new fantasy story idea based on my wardens series. I got inspired this morning to write, partly from work, a girl I am seeing and from listening to the superman man of steel trailer.

Listening to that trailer over and over with its epic theme song, I think helped me create a dark story. I wrote three chapters, but have only posted the first one. I found the music helped me to expand my horizons as each chapter is very different.

After i post each chapter I will write a bit more of the backstory on this blog, I love the freedom I had in the story and if people like all three i will try and write more of that world. Chapter 2 will be posted tomorrow, and chapter 3 on saturday, I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.




The way of the world

The breeze blows,

And the Willow sways,

Mountains morn and moan,

The beaches glisten in the sun,

Water trickles slowly down the mountains top,

Down the winding river,

It’s currents tossing and turning,

Fishes jump and glide,

Splashing a nearby bear hungry for food,

The bear’s fur get damp with wet,

Its cubs are there to rub and play with it in the sun,

The Wolves watch them play in the shadows,

Anticipating the game of the race,

Indians roam in the sun,

Surfers ride the tranquil waves,

And puppies sun bath by the water,

Why can’t we all find the peace that clearly surrounds us all,

There is so much harmony and tranqulity within the world,

Within our own little worlds,

But we are blinded by it,

We build concrete blocks,

To hide from the sun,

Build the walls,

To not talk to our neighbours,

We are enslaved to the way that we think it should be,

But what makes us think that we have the right idea for happiness,

When we ignore the true beauty of the world,

All around us,

Beneath our feet,

Just stand outside in the sun,

And feel truly feel the breeze,

Blowing through your hair

A love short story, and a comic book short story

So I am in a writing mood today, and I have wrote two short stories, one is influenced on a date I went on with a lovely woman, and got lost trying to find one another. She inspired a few stories within me, and I decided to write this story of two people in love trying to find each other on two different worlds, as it is something alien for me to write about. I usually write the action and chaos, and although I have written a few glimpses of a romantic story, it was good practice for me. Of course me being me there is a twist (the story I will write that she has inspired has goblins, this one has a bit of a spooker edge) I just let my imagination run wild.

The second short story is based on when I was trying to get someone to write stories and be creative, and they decided to base a character off on me, (I did for her in a previous short story on my blog) and decided to make it a little grittier and darker then what I am use to. I was trying to write from a perspective of being the victim and seeing the hero or in this case maybe a lesser of two evils villain (or a mixture of the two) and seeing how that played out. For me to grow I need to experiment.