Sensitivity in Kakie

Recently in Extra training with my mate we have been trying to focus more on San Dan Gi, Hakutsuru Te and Kakie to help develop more of our defence and reflexes and then we will follow that up with grappling, locks, sparring, kicking, throwing etc. Last week my friend went to try out an aikido lesson, and whilst it wasn’t for him we tried to apply some of the principles to our sticky hand aspect of Goju Ryu and we noticed something very interesting when we were doing Kakie. There are two ways of doing kakie, one to way is quite Go and tense to help you develop the right body mechanics of using your hips and body in alignment and the other is very Ju where your using it to read what the other person is doing. Last Sunday we went for the Ju version.

One thing that we have discovered is that our left hand is much more sensitive than our right hand despite the fact that we are both right handed. We were doing kakie and decided to make it more Ju and receptive to read the other persons reaction, and then one of us would throw a punch at a random time to see how if the other could react to it. We both noticed a weird sense first from the shoulder, but as we got more use to it from the elbow. Then we decided to try it while closing our eyes to see if it wasn’t just us watching and anticipating. I noticed that the more I practiced this, then better I could react to it, when I could read a punch whilst doing kakie left handed I was able to deflect with a small movement with the elbow, but when we did it right handed my reaction was slower and I was using more strength to try and push the punch away, my elbow would rise higher and my shoulder muscles would become involved.

I didn’t stop every punch with both arms, but it was very interesting to notice that my left side is far my sensitive and can react very Ju like, whilst my right side had to rely on the Go side to get out of trouble. Whilst wondering if we punch slightly differently and wondering why our dominate hand was much less receptive my mate pointed out that when we do normal daily activities one hand will do the grunt work, while the other will do the subtle work for example when writing on a piece of paper, one hand will right with the pen, while the other will gently hold the paper in place. Obviously this new discovery won’t rapidly change our way of doing karate, but we feel that its taking us in the right direction to discover even more about Goju Ryu, and the only way we can develop this discovery is to practice it more, and to try and apply it to Kumite.