Loved and never forgotten

To the lady of the house,
Who was always kind,
And always caring,
One of a kind,
Who loved painting,
And was never without a glass of white,
She didn’t have to enter our world,
When it was just us and dad,
But that who she was,
The lady with the warmest soul,
Forever in our hearts


Peak of life

When the sun is shining,
Through a cloudy day,
Or when you dry and parched mouth,
Is finally quenched,
With fresh cold water,
Or you’ve finally reached the peak,
After climbing the highest mountain,
You learn in those moments,
That life is full,
Life is precious,
Live your life

The Darkness within

The darkness that hides within
Always lurking amongst the shadows of your soul
The pit of despair
Fear manifested into it’s worst form
You can never truly conquer it
Nor never tame it
But rather than letting it run rampant
Destroying you from inside out
Use it as fuel
As a burning fire that you must overcome
Let the darkness become a furnace from within
Igniting your soul
That gives you the strength to not only face life
But to embrace life
To live the life that each and everyone of us deserves
The darkness will always be there
Sometimes it feels overwhelming
And you have to fight to see the light
Or the day might be full of sunshine
But it lurks in corners of your eye
To embrace life
You need to embrace darkness
To be able to live in the light


Wish I could fly
Leave my troubles behind
Wish I could fly
And take your hand
And journey towards the sunshine
Wish I could fly
Flying across the open waters
Wish I could fly
And passing mountain peaks
Wish I could fly
Every part of the world within reach of my fingertips
Dancing upon the clouds
Forever flying towards the sun