The way of the dojo

Everytime I try to pick myself up,

I Fall

Life tries to put me down,

Under the weight of its huge boot,

I hate failing,

Constantly Falling,

Everytime I step into the dojo,

Fear spreads into my gut,

Pain lashes at me,

I might drop to one knee,

Pain overwhelming me,

Why do I do this,

The answer is always in the mirror,

In the reflection of my soul,

Wanting to be more than I am,

To push myself to the best I can be,

The pain is still there,

I let my true inner self,

The beast rise from within,

I put on the gi,

With a tingling sensation as I put on my dark belt,

I get humbled each time,

But once that belt is tied upon my waist,

My true face comes alive,

The journey is still long,

But this is one path I shall not walk from,

I may limp,

I may bleed and wince,

But if I have to i’ll crawl that path,

Never give up

It is the way of the dojo


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