What is life without the will

Without the drive to survive,
Are you willing to just die,
Without the dream to succeed,
Is life nothing but a scream,
Is life without the will,
All about paying the bills,
Without that fear,
Can you bear to protect what you most hold dear,
Without the obstacle of the mountain,
How can we ever reach the fountain.


A New Dawn

When darkness surrounds you,

Like it’s all you know,

Remember even in the darkest part of the night,

When the blackness spreads,

And fear encompasses your heart,


You are not alone,

Just look up into that blackness,

You’ll see billions of billions of stars,

Shining high in the sky,

Watching down over you,

There is always light in the heart of darkness,

You are not truly alone,

You have no need to fear,

Remember that the night doesn’t last forever,

A new dawn will come,

The sun our closest star,

And our closest friend,

Will be willing to help guide your way,

The new dawn will rise slowly in the sky,

Brightening the world,

Washing away the darkness for the day,

Bringing beauty and hope,

All you have to do is let it rinse the blackness away,

And even though it will only last for a day,

Don’t be sad to see the sunset,

For without the darkness,

You can’t appreciate the light,

And even though the darkness will come,

There will always be a new dawn,

There will always be hope,

Let today become your new dawn

Let the light in

When the sun is high,

It’s warm light gently caressing your skin,

Don’t shun the light,

And hide in the dark,

Embrace it,

Let it’s brilliant orange light,

Seep through your skin,

Deep into your bones,

Relaxing your muscles,

Let it open your heart,

Even if just for a moment,

The same light it is willing to give to us all,

When there is light there is hope,

When there is hope,

Peace can be found,

Let the light feel you with peace,

Let the light make you smile,

And share that light with others, 

So that one day we can all banish that same darkness we hold dear,

Because it holds us hostage,

Remember we are children of the light,

Let the light in

Adieu my Love, Adieu

They say eyes are windows to the soul,

I found the most beautiful soul of them all, 

Heart so pure,

Yet shrouded in darkness,

I thought my burning bright light could heal you,

I thought our love was meant forever,

I was your shield,

And you gave me peace,

Our souls fitting like two halves,

I had finally found my paradise, 

It was all so magical,

With you by my side I could face anything, 

You came to my crowning moment, dragged your family across the land just to support me,

They welcomed me with open arms,

You were my paradise

We have been through so much,

The great storms of life, battling against the indomitable ocean,

Wave after wave crashing over us,

I lifted you up in your darkness moment,

Prepared to sacrifice myself for you to survive,

My love for you is so strong,

My connection to you so pure,

We survived for a time,

Drifting on that great blue ocean,

Finding small islands of paradise,

I lived for those small moments,

They were all I needed,

When you let me in,

There was nothing on this world compared to that kind of joy,

Alas one day you needed to visit a paradise on your own, 

We reconnected so strongly,

Our love so pure,

I knew that you were coming back,

But our love would stay out on the horizon,

I realise for you to save yourself,

I had no choice but to let you go,

Perhaps one day, 

When you are whole,

And the tide of time heals all wounds,

We can journey to the horizon to find our love,

Adieu my love, 


It’s time we both grow stronger,

Adieu my friend,


I will always care for you,



Maybe one day we will find each other again.

Sacrifice in the name of karate

Blood and pain and turmoil,
What will you do to achieve what you desire,
What are you willing to sacrifice to climb ontop of that mountain,
Doubts surround your thoughts
They will win if you don’t give every single fibre of your being into it,
Pain is now,
Pain will be a lifetime if you don’t put your soul and body on the line,
Pain is temporary,
When you fight for your goal,
When you are willing to sacrifice yourself,
All those hours running or swimming,
All those pressups and lifts,
All those times you practiced drilling what you need,
The diet you forced on yourself,
Extra time training,
The time is arising,
No more excuses,
If you want it bad enough then nothing will get in your way,
Fear and doubt will corrupt you of you let it,
But if you use it as the fuel to stand up against yourself and those who doubt you,
Push your body and mind to the max,
Never back down,
Fight, fight, fight,
What are you willing to sacrifice?

A storm is brewing within thyself

I feel the energy engulfing thy spirit,

Like a gentle breeze swirling around my hands,

Pulsating through my limbs,

I can barely keep my feet upon the ground,

Nerves are on fire,

I feel restless in the air,

The rush of cold icy water cascading down my showers,

Becomes the rising steam,

A mist in the air,

Consuming the flesh but not the spirit,

As the mist slowly dissipates,

The mind becomes clear,

My body becomes sharp,

The will is focused,

The sense of anticipation lingers in every breath I take,

No longer is my judgement clouded by doubt,

But is reinforced by desire,

By the face of the challenge,

It slowly consumes my every thought,

No longer a weakness but now a strength,

I see the truth marching closer,

Closer as I am prepared for war,

For sacrifice and for love,

No longer in the shadows,

I will face the mountain,

I have two choices,

Lie upon its jagged feet of despair and failure,

Or struggle and fight my way to the top,

To earn my own name.

Rise of the Wardens Ch 3 overview

So I have posted chapter 3, what has me quite excited about these three chapters is that they are all very different but seem to flow together (listening to the man of steel trailer over and over again will do that), I wanted to show the wardens rising but I didn’t want to diminish the unnerving power of the Druids influence. The heart of the empires corrupted land is a dark place, and it needs hope.

When I thought of that Dragons staff, I had a vivid three dimensional idea of what it looks like, trying to convey that into words was hard and its less of a deadly weapon  but is more of tai chi like weapon in the sense that it will absorb the energy and counter what has been thrown against it.

And I didn’t need to add a description to when the dragons came, everyone loves dragons!