Running in the air

Running through the air,
With little bursts of speed,
I see the world at my feet,
No longer is it a dark and scary place,
There are people all over the space,
Beneath my feet,
Jumping amongst the birds,
The sun is shining brightly,
And the wind is in my face,
I want to run for the hills,
To where it is surely going to greener,
Why are people so grumpy,
When you can run in the air,
And see the real beauty of the world,
It is all around you,
Don’t let despatch get you,
Live for the moment,
Live and be free,
We weren’t meant to be constrained,
By the roped and shackles of modern society,
We are meant to be free,
Giving peace and love to all thy neighbours,
I want to run in the air,
And run free with the birds,
The world at my feet.