The late Fall

Seeing the autumn leaves, 
That cover the trees,

With various stages of green, red, orange, yellow and brown,

I use to feel sad,

When I would look at the autumn leaves, 

For it was when the end of summer,

With laughter and happiness,

Greenness and full of energy,

And the onset of the dreaded cold winter,

When the trees would look dead,

Like skeletons hiding in the harshness of time,

Waiting for the freshness of spring to bring in a new lease of life,

With its potential if what those budding heads could become,

The autumn leaves,

Have come late this year,

And rather than seeming like the beginning of the end,

The various colours seem to be much more vibrant,

And full of life,

A new appreciation of this kind of season,

Its not the end,

but at it’s peak,

How curious that the closest to its end,

It seems to so much brighter,

So much more full of life,

Like the peak of a boxer,

When a wine is matured to perfection,

This is the lime light for the leaves, 

Come a beautiful autumn day.


As I watch the little flame burn

The burning embers of a dying fire,

So dim from a far,

Especially when the world is ajar,

But when you no longer turn your back,

And come closer,

The light is brighter than a rising sun,

Dancing eerily across the burning log,

How could such a small flame cast so much light,

Heat from this most naked of dancers,

It Radiates upon my face,

Deep into my soul,

Touching my face like a long lost lover,

The smell of smoked wood softly brushes my senses,

How can something so soft and gentle,

Become the most deadly of foes,

When passion is all out of control,

The difference being respect,

Respect the very nature of what it’s natural being is,

Respect for what it is and what it could become,

There is no reason this little fire ever need to go out,

As I watch this enchanted dancer,

I realise that it isn’t the log that will feed it’s flames to last longer,

The flame is much deeper than that,

It surrounds us all,

It burns deep within,

This little flame is a reflection of our own souls,

Fires that have the potential to last forever more.

Stillness of breath

Focus on breath,

Breathing in and out,

Breathing in the fresh cool air, 

Breathing out the heavy toxins,

Breathing in peace and harmony,

Breathing out the heavy burden of life,

Let the breath still the mind,

The mind full of the madness of life,

Let the breath still the mind,

Quieting the noise,

Quieting the chaos,

With every breath let go,

Let go the stress,

The burden upon your shoulders,

Let the breath still the mind,

Find that peace,

In between the breath,

The stillness,

The calm,

Be one with the calmness,

One with your peace

Let the light in

When the sun is high,

It’s warm light gently caressing your skin,

Don’t shun the light,

And hide in the dark,

Embrace it,

Let it’s brilliant orange light,

Seep through your skin,

Deep into your bones,

Relaxing your muscles,

Let it open your heart,

Even if just for a moment,

The same light it is willing to give to us all,

When there is light there is hope,

When there is hope,

Peace can be found,

Let the light feel you with peace,

Let the light make you smile,

And share that light with others, 

So that one day we can all banish that same darkness we hold dear,

Because it holds us hostage,

Remember we are children of the light,

Let the light in

Sword of the Phoenix

I’m a soldier of the Phoenix,

Her flames burn bright in my heart,

I am her honoured bound hound,

Her passionate flames surround me,

Like guarding wings,

I walk upon this earth,

Guided by her bright and  shining light,

Her knight in the deepest and darkest night,

Passion and honour are ablaze within my heart,

I will not let my foes drag me down to the cool hard and desolate place that this cruel world can become,

I will be engulfed in the burning flames of righteous,

I will set things right,

And bring hope back to the land

Eyes of the lion

Once again I find myself at the edge,

Edge of the abyss,

You led me down this path,

When you said you would never hurt me,

You cut me to the core,

Deeper than anyone else has,

Left me to bleed to death,

Without a care in the world,

But I’ve been down this path before,


Unbridled rage,

Anger flaming hot,

Like the blood of the Phoenix,

Pounding across my body,

Anger at being so foolish,

Anger at you betraying when I need to be strong,

I gave you all I had,

I thought you cared,

But that was another lie,

I was born to be the lone wolf,

Prowling like the angry beast I am inside,

I will not self destruct,

I will focusing this fire deep inside,

That I once lost,

But now it has returned in abundance,

Focusing it for the battle ahead,

The abyss will never claim me,

The fire will not engulf me in flames,

My Lion Eyes have returned,

The king is back,

Hungry to be at the top.

A dream to say goodbye

As I kept waking up, my mind was like please let it be a dream, please let her still be my girl. It did this several times. Then I had a dream, she walked into this old crooky house towards me, we lay in bed, I held her for a time. I could feel her, like she was actually there in the real world, as I was stroking her arm, her lower back, stroking her hair and kissing her head as I use to. It was like I had been given a last chance to hold my woman tightly. I could feel her love, and this profound sadness. I was at peace, that I have only ever been when we would connect and cuddle each other. I could feel that she was starting to fade from my physical touch, I was panicking desperate to hold her, just a bit longer I thought, just a bit longer. I said to her please don’t go, she slowed down fading. I said to her will I ever see you again. She said I do not know yet. I said will we ever be together again. She said with a sad voice, I do not know yet. I chased her as she was fading, towards the door. Her hair colour different from the real world, more like the green when we first started to be attracted to each other. I felt her love and her deep sadness. It wasn’t a no, it wasn’t a yes. It was up to fate to decide.