Zen, in between moments

Zen of the mind,

Peace of the body,

Tranquility of the soul,

Even if its only for a moment,

Between all the madness and chaos,

That life can be,

Pause for a moment,

Just for a moment,

Between the rush and the madness,

And that feeling like you can’t stop,

That you need to keep going,

Pause for a moment,

Just a moment,

For one moment,

Take your mind away from it all,

And appreciate that within that one moment,

That small moment of peace,

That outside it all,

The trees are growing,

The sun rise is still beautiful,


That this life that we sometimes take for granted,

Is still around us, 

Surrounding us all,

For a moment,

Just one moment,

One simple moment, realise that you can find your zen,

A moment between moments,

Find that peace,

That stillness,

That calmness that is within us all,

No matter where you are,

At work or home,

In a Chaotic City,

or even in the humble countryside,

Breathe in,

And still the mind,

Feel a gentle numbness,

That feels like it’s Massaging your mind,

A soft warm glow in between your eyes,

Still your mind,

Close your eyes,

And enjoy

For that one beautiful moment,

Find your zen,

Your peace,

Your calmness,

And realise that you can find your Zen,

Even if your life is busy,

And sometimes a little bit hectic,

That Zen is within our grasp,

In between moments.


One Response to Zen, in between moments

  1. Bill Chance says:

    Love the phrase “moment between moments”
    Thanks for sharing.

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