Eyes of the lion

Once again I find myself at the edge,

Edge of the abyss,

You led me down this path,

When you said you would never hurt me,

You cut me to the core,

Deeper than anyone else has,

Left me to bleed to death,

Without a care in the world,

But I’ve been down this path before,


Unbridled rage,

Anger flaming hot,

Like the blood of the Phoenix,

Pounding across my body,

Anger at being so foolish,

Anger at you betraying when I need to be strong,

I gave you all I had,

I thought you cared,

But that was another lie,

I was born to be the lone wolf,

Prowling like the angry beast I am inside,

I will not self destruct,

I will focusing this fire deep inside,

That I once lost,

But now it has returned in abundance,

Focusing it for the battle ahead,

The abyss will never claim me,

The fire will not engulf me in flames,

My Lion Eyes have returned,

The king is back,

Hungry to be at the top.


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