A dream to say goodbye

As I kept waking up, my mind was like please let it be a dream, please let her still be my girl. It did this several times. Then I had a dream, she walked into this old crooky house towards me, we lay in bed, I held her for a time. I could feel her, like she was actually there in the real world, as I was stroking her arm, her lower back, stroking her hair and kissing her head as I use to. It was like I had been given a last chance to hold my woman tightly. I could feel her love, and this profound sadness. I was at peace, that I have only ever been when we would connect and cuddle each other. I could feel that she was starting to fade from my physical touch, I was panicking desperate to hold her, just a bit longer I thought, just a bit longer. I said to her please don’t go, she slowed down fading. I said to her will I ever see you again. She said I do not know yet. I said will we ever be together again. She said with a sad voice, I do not know yet. I chased her as she was fading, towards the door. Her hair colour different from the real world, more like the green when we first started to be attracted to each other. I felt her love and her deep sadness. It wasn’t a no, it wasn’t a yes. It was up to fate to decide.


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