Riding the tides of life

The last few weeks,

Of pain and torment,

Everything is in confusion,

Life is like one big contusion,

Where do I stand,

The tides are againts me,

I am drowning,

Madness the world doesn’t know how to be quite,

I can solve this,

But I can’t,

Trying to is driving me insane,

Tearing me apart,

It is out of my hands,

What am I to do,

I see a wave,

But instead of dread,

The fear of life overcoming me,

Not my own pain,

But someone I care deeply about,

I don’t fight the waves,

I jump up on the board, and ride with the waves,

The thrill and excitement,

Peace slowly spreads into me,

The joy of life,

A release of all my tension,

As I have tried so hard to be everything,

Whether its my work face,

Training face,

Goofy face,

Lovers face,

Home face,

Its jusy my face,


I am who I am,

Sometimes I’m wild and loud,

Other times I am quiet snd thoughtful,

I’m free to be me,

With each wave I ride,

Helps me to realise that this pain is in my head,

To problems I can’t solve,

I just have to except them,

And hope it goes my way,

And realise it may not but thats okay,

Some waves I fall,

But I pick myself up and go up that wall,

Realising failing isnt the end,

You learn each time,

So when you do catch that next wave,

You grow more confident each time,

I feel relaxed and calm,

My two sides are in sync,

I have accepted life,

And just go with the flow,

I still won’t give up,

I won’t let life take me down,

But I will ride the waves,

Life is like one big rave,

Searching for that perfect wave,

That perfect moment.


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