Vegan diet challenge (and heavy kettlebell)

So my normal weight is slightly under 13 and half stone, lighter in summer, slightly heavier in the winter.
The last year I have been feeling off in terms of my fitness and diet, been perhaps to laxed or at least not on the top of my game, which in itself has been demoralising.
Before Christmas I was feeling sluggish, and gained the usual half a stone during Christmas. But for the six weeks after the holidays I gained almost another stone, mainly from eating too much fish a day (at least twice a day, not lean fish like tuna.)
Plus side to the extra weight is with sparring I can go more toe to toe with bigger guys and can dominant my ground more. I was surprised that I was fairly lightfooted but my fitness was atrocious for my standards and felt uncomfortable with my own body, I don’t normally have a noticeable belly and it reduced my self esteem.

So I decided to do a two challenges for lent, first focus my training on a 32 kg kettlebell, the next was to be a vegan for the forty days. Now normally I eat alot of meat, thinking I need my protein etc but I decided to see how I would cope with the effort. The last few years I have gone vegetarian but me being me I decided to up the challenge.

First few weeks I felt like my normal self, my digestive system was running much smoother, and I was training regular with both karate and the kettlebell. I actually gained weight and was feeling too full over compensating with excess sources of protein like beans, tofu, vegan protein powder etc. But throughout instead of eating as much bread. I would have wraps.Beans are really lean but in the first week I would have like two cans as part of one meal. I was nearly 15 stone and now 17.5% fat

Once I realised I couldn’t maintain such a high level of protein or could afford it at that rate I decided rather than focusing on the level of consumption a bodybuilder would intake, I focused on the daily recommended amount for an average adult male, if mine was slightly higher that was a bonus.
I followed the theory of rather than having all your protein at once, make sure you get enough between all of the meals.

The mid weeks the scales seemed to fluctuate alot between losing half a stone to being the same weight, it was really confusing to know if I had made any difference in losing the belly I had gained. I was feeling very sluggish even more so than before the diet, and I realised I couldn’t keep training with the kettlebell my energy was burnt out.
So I focused for one week on just my karate, then the other two weeks of doing at least one day of calisthenics.

The moment I let my self have even more rest the belly virtual dropped within days and I barely noticed. My weight flew down below 14stone. Back to my normal winter weight. I still felt incredibly sluggish but was pleased with the fact that I looked more like my normal self.

I would say a week after eating g a somewhat normal diet my energy returned to normal, I felt abuzz with it, something that I’ve been missing since way before Christmas.

I have learnt that I use to eat too much meat which would make me sluggish, but having no major protein sources also made me sluggish. That I need to control my eating habits slightly (not go over the top). My fitness hasn’t really changed as a result of the diet, maybe if I did more cardio during the vegan phase it would of.

At the moment I’m just about 13-9 and although not in super shape I can feel my abs under my belly again.


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