Teaching Shisochin bunkai

So I was going through shisochin bunkai with my best friend, as he will need it for hos shodan next year.

I was impressed on how well he learnt it, and how well I was able to teach it. It has been by far the easiest bunkai to learn simply because many of its applications are applicable to sparring, which I’m already using, from the sneaky slips to strike, to confusing them with hidden strikes, it has a definite fighters mindset to it.

I didn’t realise how much I knew about it, as I was already describing mechanically why I prefer to do certain applications, it’s like my sub conscious has been digesting it and it’s come to the front of my mind, I knew it without realising I knew it.

My mate had a similar approach to learning it that I did, I like some people’s bunkai but adapted it to suit what works for me. He did it with one of mine, and it’ll be something I’ll have to drill (and I was meant to be teaching! Ha)

I’ve been thinking more and more how parts of bunkai/kata can be used in sparring, I have been focusing on certain kata as I think they suit me more in my ideal fighting style, but I’ve also discovered today how each bunkai I’ve drilled in for shisochin builds from the previous one.

He did well today, definitely maturing as a martial artist, and there was no fear in teaching him bunkai, unlike a two years back when he was going for brown and we practiced together in a park, how I knew he could injure me ar any moment.

Of course I still got a few surprised shots, but I just found them too funny.

Never give up, never back down, Osu.


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