Training with my girlfriend

I went running with my girlfriend yesterday and I found it a both a really good workout and a great way to teach.

We started with 3 sets of a basic circuit to warmup the body (and for me to get her to strengthen her body) squats, pressups and ab exercises just kept it light, basic and simple. Then we jogged to the park.

We both have different mindsets and different levels of fitness so the first part I would run fast to a point and then do fist pressups, doing them slowly and keeping my core locked and engaged (using sanchin) I try to do 10 or more before she caught up, then I would do another fast run and try to do at least 5 good burpees before she would catch up, on the third set she would run to catch up then we would walk together for recovery, after a few times we increased it to four/five.

I was pleasantly surprised cardio wise of the challenge as I couldn’t always hit my target despite her jogging at a much slower pace. It was a great way for both of us to get what we needed out of the run.

Last lap we jogged then would do a exercise together for a break, then jog again. We finished off by a park gym exercising the back briefly before stretching.

I enjoyed it alot, I obviously loved spending more time with my girlfriend and sharing something of enjoy (exercise), I found it a great teaching exercise tailoring the exercises to her level and pushed her when I needed to, and didn’t push when I knew she had enough.

It was simple but effect and not too strenuous as she hadn’t run in a while, and I didn’t want to push her too hard, success in anything is done in small steps.

It was her idea for us to go running and me be her own personal trainer, as long as I get to play (I consider exercise a form of adults playing) with my girlfriend I’m happy.


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