The Chi of Sanchin

I was chatting to a random person the other day, and it so happened that he does muai thai boxing and so we had an interesting chat about our relative martial arts why we love them and other martial arts that we respect.

I find really interesting when martial artists of different martial arts backgrounds get together, we all share that buzz and excitement about the arts, completely open minded to other styles.

What I found interesting was his interpretation to what chi was, using your internal energies to create power. The way he described was more rudimentary then I would of thought of, not saying anything against him he was a highly intelligent bloke, but as training in a purely¬† hard styled martial art I found it both refreshing and couldn’t help but point out that he was really referring to sanchin.

I found it was so obvious yet this muai thai guy with an appreciation for tai chi was describing sanchin on how the mechanics and internal energy develop this power that you can tap into that doesn’t ware you down.

Sanchin is such a beautiful concept, something that is within other martial arts but has such a misconception that most people don’t truly appreciate it until you see a master at work with it.


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