To my love

When I walk with your hand within mine,
I feel like a man,
When you need me to lift or take care of you,
I feel like a man,
When we get lost together,
In a country,
Far far away,
I am not lost as my heart is with you,
During a meal or when you lie on my chest in bed,
I feel lucky as I get to see the real you,
Shining through,
In your eyes and smile I see your two nature’s sparkling to life,
We have found our way,
Through this adventure,
Because we are a team,
Whether it is debating who is right this time with the map,
Or overcoming the car journey,
I don’t need to show off,
Nor do I have to hide my nature,
Which is so rare,
I never felt like I belonged,
From school to rugby,
Despite having friends I feel alone,
My weirdness sets me apart,
Karate was the first place where I wasn’t the only odd one,
China where the darkness left me,
Living a dream,
Mike the first friend to actually get me,
But despite all that I still felt alone,
Until you walked into my life,
I didn’t need to hide myself nor feel alone,
I finally saw how a relationship can be the great adventure,
Usually I need space,
But you are like oxygen,
Flesh upon flesh,
Lips on lips,
My heart to your heart,
Fear often holds me back from the future,
Hence why in karate I force myself to confront its demonic stare,
Right now all I can think of is the now,
With you my love,
I love you My Lady,
Your quirkiness,
Your confidence,
Your elegant grace,
Your sense of adventure,
If my martial arts journey has turned me into a man,
You my love have turned me into a gentleman,
Your gentleman.


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