Kata and sparring

I have noticed that when I focus alot of time on one kata, or similar katas my mindset changes to that katas character when I spar.

If I focus on sanchin or tensho I try to fight close quarters, if I focus on shisochin I try to fight with faster hands, if geksai drive in and smash, if saifa angles and knees etc.

Only time this changed was when I practiced my long kicking drill which made me think more of timing and getting kicks in, which lead to more jumping kicks. (my stance became too long so something I had to work on but only for long range).

I’ve noticed that when I drilled my main kata as in in the geksai’s, saifa, seiunchin and maybe long range kicking my sparring was blended between all of the ways I fight when I focus on them.

Last week I focused on sanzhan (I know it’s white crane) and what I call sanzhan kicking (using both legs but in sanzhan stance) and what I noticed was that it was like my sparring style but more intense, I charges in and fired my strikes. At first this blew them away (high grades) as they weren’t expecting it, but second time I charged in they grappled me and nullified my attack. It’s a great sparring strategy just have to make sure I don’t rely on it and have multiple ones. Which I normally would have if I didn’t just focus on sanzhan.

This week I tried to balance it out alot more. And my sparring changed again, much more even, and still alot to work on. Although I have now learnt sanseru and I find even though it only does front kick and angled kick, my kicking generally has improved because of its greater emphasis on kicks.

There is definitely a direct correlation between practicing a kata and the way you spar.

Keep training,Never Give Up. Osu


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