O soto gari variations and Sanseru

The other day we were focusing on throwing and how to counter the throw. We mainly focused on O soto gari, and we got to try out play with new ways of getting into and applying an O Soto Gari.

I was quite excited, when I did one from the shoulder, but rather than locking on and hacking a leg, I kind of rotated my palm to move the body. We learnt it didn’t work unless you gathered and grabbed that arm with the other hand and grabbed at the tricep. It was amazing to see how effortless this throw was, it seemed to disengage the opponents strengths and they would kind of crumble into it.

Now if I was arrogant I would of thought I figured out a new effortless way to do O Soto Gari, but looking at the movements it comes directly from Shisochin, the part where it can look very tai chi.

The version I came up with was you gather the arm across the body and shoulder ram into them, if your taller you pivot your shoulder downs upon contact, if your shorter or lighter you drive upwards, it shocks the brain momentarily and then you use a massive reap. From this I saw afterwards (never during) that I applied principles of tensho to this take down.

I missed most of the counters to this throw as I was learning the first half of sanseru, it was quite exciting, it really makes kicking come to life and adds a nice balance in this area, but I’ll need to learn the whole kata, To understand more about this kata. I feel like I can now appreciate kata far more.


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