Dkk Summer School 2014

This had to be my favourite summer school, not only because I finally achieved shodan level but because I got to catch up with friends from far away, and the wealth of knowledge that we got to learn at summer school was breathe taking.

Well perhaps I should say the majority as I (and 8 others not including the 4 for nidan) were mentally preparing myself for the grading I wasn’t able to memorise most of the sessions. I kept thinking to myself that this is really awesome, I need to practice this when we get back, but alas there is only so much information you can store in your head at once!

From kihon, to dynamic tension it made you appreciate the depth of knowledge and skill that is within karate, such small subtly can make all the difference. The basics and sanchin are truly the foundations to a better fighter. To practicing weapons like the jo staff (although I’m not good at it, probably my favourite) escrima sticks (which I’ve noticed that I have improved alot) to knife defence.

Being able to watch the muai thai instructor and observe how similar their roundhouse kicks are to ours, what they use to make them faster and more powerful, how there is far more grappling involved and how they treat their kicks like jabs.

From listening to the campfire talks, to firewalking it was a very memorable weekend.


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