Sacrifice in the name of karate

Blood and pain and turmoil,
What will you do to achieve what you desire,
What are you willing to sacrifice to climb ontop of that mountain,
Doubts surround your thoughts
They will win if you don’t give every single fibre of your being into it,
Pain is now,
Pain will be a lifetime if you don’t put your soul and body on the line,
Pain is temporary,
When you fight for your goal,
When you are willing to sacrifice yourself,
All those hours running or swimming,
All those pressups and lifts,
All those times you practiced drilling what you need,
The diet you forced on yourself,
Extra time training,
The time is arising,
No more excuses,
If you want it bad enough then nothing will get in your way,
Fear and doubt will corrupt you of you let it,
But if you use it as the fuel to stand up against yourself and those who doubt you,
Push your body and mind to the max,
Never back down,
Fight, fight, fight,
What are you willing to sacrifice?


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