Hand in hand

Hand in hand,
Side by side,
A lady and a gentleman,
A geek and an eccentric,
Looking lovingly into each others eyes,
The world no longer felt so lonely,
Desire filled each others eyes,
As they kissed,
Their lips,
Her neck,
The scenery was beautiful,
Lush trees and a sparkling river,
But they barely noticed,
A peace and tranquility filled them with each kiss,
Gentle and tender,
Passionate with desire,
The mind felt elated like it was meditating,
Sat in a restaurant,
Looking into each others eyes,
A sense of need,
To hold her hand,
To kiss her,
Filled his mind,
His shyness evaporated within a moment,
He simply needed to be with her,
For he could be himself,
As the night drew in,
Their kisses were like electricity to the touch,
Fireworks literally exploded above their heads,
It was a surreal moment,
A tear filled his eye,
As he had to say goodnight to her,
Looking forward to when they meet again.


One Response to Hand in hand

  1. 03alwi says:

    Hey you got some serious talent there. Nice work.

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