Problems with my kumite and how to evolve it part 2

After listening to the Nidan the other day I decided to watch some footage of my sparring and I noticed a key difference with the way I fight and the way other karate ka fight, my fighting style is heavily influenced by white crane (and probably old injuries that cause bad habits), in white crane the body stays more square, the stance is more han zenkutsu dachi and you end up. You end up not using as much shoulder rotation and hip rotation, which reduces the power of your strikes but it bypasses the muscles so you can hit with faster hands.  Combine that with that I had tendonitis for 6 months after last year’s grading (reducing the range) and combine that with lack of confidence in my kicking (knees are good but I wasn’t in China long enough to start white crane kicking) especially when I injured myself last November means I have a lot to work on in my sparring.

I find it ironic that all of my old strengths have been negated by my new ones, I use to always use hips in everything (and shoulder rotation). When I looked at that footage (last October) I could see clear problems, but now 6 months later I know where they arise from, the one time my combos looked devastating was when I fought like a karate ka and not white crane (ka?) and I floored my training partner without meaning to.

This is not to say I should get rid of my white crane influences, I just need to mould the karate with crane, crane can be effective in close quarters but I know see a clear difference between it and Sanchin, the white crane way is more subtle but delivers less power from a distance, so I need to work on Sanchin and Geksai to work on this.


One Response to Problems with my kumite and how to evolve it part 2

  1. An interesting problem. I can sympathise. I trained in wing chun for a while – it was hell on my long range karate technique.

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