Problems with my kumite and how to evolve it part 1

Four weeks to go till the grading, well actually 4 weeks today I will be bruised and shattered from the grading the day before. So last night’s sessions was certainly a sweaty one, I had already done a mile swim prior to this session but it was fun, explosive training, stair running, grappling, sparring, throwing, kicking it was a very packed one, which my body right now is protesting about.

One of the Nidan’s took me to the corner and gave me some words of advice, two years ago I would of taken this negatively being an oversensitive person but knowing where he was coming from and me needing his advice. I rather people give me constructive criticism on what I need to improve in my sparring, kicking etc, rather than them saying I’ll do well. (I’m not opening my hips up enough, allowing them to collapse in)

He was telling me that I need to be more precise with my kicks, not just throw them slow and heavy (because they get caught too much) and that I am a really strong dude, and I can be powerful but my strikes should be way more devastating when I attack, and I lose my stance when I punch close quarters which diminishes my power ratio. My kicks are sloppy and I need to work on more intense training routine and explosive training for my legs, really polish my techniques so that they are sharp and precise, and to stop strength training and focus on explosive intensity. (which ironically I already have)

What I find ironic about this is that I have been working on my footwork and kicking for months now, trying to be more precise ( I have improved my kicking range t higher kicks) and was told by another blackbelt that I needed to do less intensity and more endurance, and that I cannot practice throws for weeks and they are so much more natural to me then kicking is (which I am practicing).

So as the countdown continues I will focus even more on my basics, emphasis on my stances and kicks, more explosive leg training and to try and keep evolving for the showdown.


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