Searching for truth

Life is like the smoky doors,
Each man is his own island,
Wadding through the bogs of chaos,
The fog forever deepens,
The search of truth is at our hearts,
The answers steeped in confusion,
What is it to be?
To exist?
What is not existing?
The negation of our existence?
We are so afraid of dying that we don’t live,
We are so afraid of living that we are prepared to die,
Why must we suffer to seek joy?
Why must we know hate before we can love?
In our reality there are many truths,
A lie is but just a fraction of a truth,
But what is the truth?
Can there be a truth without lies?
To seek peace first you must know war,
But why is humanity set upon this path,
Of self destruction?
When will we learn that we can live without suffering,
Pursue life to its fullest,
Speak no lies,
To live in peace,
To unravel the mysteries that life’s flog,
Blinds us from seeking,
Is the answers put there,
or within our own hearts?


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