Writing and karate

For the past five/six months I have struggled to write, writing down odd ideas here and there the presence of summer school clouding my mind. It has been a strange time the two of the three outlets of my life writing and karate were no longer stress releases, karate because of the grading looming closer, and writing because my mind is preoccupied with the karate grading.

Like a two edged sword, an yet now a cloud lifts as the weeks drop down I am no longer worrying about it but getting on with what I need to do to gain my shodan. As I am able to enjoy my karate again and the sun is shining I feel like I am able to write again.

It will be five and a half years in the making but one dream and one goal is looming closer and closer. If I pass then the mistake will be if I think that’s the end of the journey, it will simply be the beginning the kyu grades are like being an apprentice, shodan and onwards are the journeyman it is only 5th Dan and beyond that are the master grades, where you have mastered your chosen art.

And so if I pass it will be the end of one phase and the beginning of another. I have been learning the tools, next will be how to apply the tools.


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