Seiunchin- muscle memory


For a while now I have been too focused on Sanchin, tensho and Sanzhan (also Shisochin but that has been doing me good) and while these katas (and form from white crane) are the foundation that our karate builds up from it has narrowed my scope when it comes to sparring, so I had to refocus on the katas I don’t tend to drill so much mainly Saifa and seiunchin. Over this period I haven’t noticed a great difference except feeling a lot looser in my kata and sparring.

My mistake was to focus on the core of karate (the Sans) and while that is an important foundation it gives you the structure to fight not how to fight (like Goju’s other katas). Last week during standing randori I decided to let my opponent dominate the situation (I know very counter intuitive for me!) and I noticed that I could actually get the throws in much easier as I wasn’t geared up to attack they were sudden (instead of being the oak tree I was the willow tree) but when  we went to the ground into groundwork my first thought was of Sanchin arms which rapidly changed to seiunchin Yama uke (mountain block) my opponent was winning the grappling until I did this instinctively (which I had never really done before unless we were just drilling), instantly I was dominating the groundwork, and it happened each time we went back into randori.

Later that evening me and my karate mate were messing about (after the pub) and he pretended to kick me and I thought I dropped into a weird kung fu pose not realising that I dropped into archers pose from seiunchin. I found it kind of surreal I’m not sure if it would work, my mate doesn’t tend to think so but drilling seiunchin seems to have finally been slowly absorbed into my subconscious instincts.

It is exciting to see a few things starting to click with me, I know I haven’t been writing much, the closer I have gotten to the grading the more introverted my thoughts have become mentally its been one of highs and lows, less than four weeks till summer school.


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