Am I okay?

Everyone keeps asking if I’m okay,
Apparently I am quieter these days,
With the summer gone,
Darkness seeps into my soul,
Empty without the battle of kumite,
Empty without the great romantic tale,
The modern world drains and beseechs you,
Leaving you a husk,
I will not go back down that path,
I want to leave life and explore the lands,
But told I can’t and must have my feet in the stands,
I hate the shyness,
The path I walk alone,
I need the frill of a fight,
A frill of a girl,
I need to prove myself,
Contained like a beast society makes me be,
But I don’t want to be contained,
I want to be free,
For the world to be my oyster,
Fire rains in my belly,
Passion and compassion lead my heart,
I need to prove who I truly am


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