Soul seeking

Misty as the fog,
Darkness sweeps the land,
Rain drenches and chills to the bone,
Feet squelch and drag in the mud,
Wind blows hard in the face,
Silent of the night,
Except the howl of wind,
Brings nightmares to the mind,
Twisted branches become cruel old witches,
Bushes become deformed and gruesome ogres,
The wind its watchful pack of unnatural creatures,
Panic and fear rise higher,
With the more the chest beats,
Harder and faster,
Sweat pouring from the head,
Feet start to match the pace of the heart,
Looking back into the shadows,  running deep into the fog,
Keep going,
No stopping,
The howls get louder,
Despairs spreads deeper into your soul,
The creatures close in,
You feel them knawing at your skin,
You fight back,
Then stumble and turn down a hill,
Crash through a gate,
You fear the end,
Brace yourself for the bitter end,
Then silence,
You face the fear and open your eyes,
The fog has cleared,
You see the sun slowly rise,
Over the hill,
Over the trees,
You see the glorious colours of the land,
The richness of nature,
You feel the warmth of the sun,
The coldness leaves your body,
Like vaper,
Bright yellow and red light,
Dispenses the fog,
The witch become branches again,
Orges the bushes and trees,
A gentle breeze lifts your spirit,
You slowly and achely get up,
You rise with the growing newborn sun,
Turn back to look at your past,
And take a breath,
And walk towards  the sunlight


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