Karate-from bear to wolf

For the last few months (since my grading) I have been training in sanchin/sanzhan every mon,wed,friday and complement it with some form of strength training, mainly variations on pullups. For about 2-3 weeks I have started what I term anti-sanchin training, mainly the areas I need to focus on such as footwork, high kicks, kicking and weapon work. I do this on a tuesday, thursday and a saturday. Its not for long, just so that i gain a habit of doing a little karate everyday, with the focus on me becoming a better fighter.

I have also aimed to stretch a little bit each day, I hate stretching so by making it little and often I should be able to make it part of my life routine.

The other week I tested out the way I wanted to fight against a friend, and he decided to adopt a similar style. Him being naturally faster made it alot harder for me to play to my strengths, they we decided to play to his strengths of long distance fighting. I have a long way to go in this area, as it is outside my comfort zone, but with the footwork I have been working on (what sensei has been trying to teach us and arnis influenced) really helped me alot, I wasn’t just a fish out of its bowl.

The next day my other karate friend opened his garage gym (basically his own mini dojo) and we trained, a bit of sparring and sparring like drills. I was able to adapt the experiments I tested out the day before and refine them, again with my mate being smaller and faster it really helped me to develop in ways that are outside my basic style (which is naturally brawler grab and smash and throw) I am really trying to become more of a technician and combine it with the animal like way I fight.

Then the following monday after fitness we did some sparring, I went against one of the bigger guys at the club. The drills that i had been practicing over the last few weeks came into play, I was able to go into angles and do mini strikes, he is a powerful guy I had to be wary, it was pretty even, but before we changed partners he charged and I gave a beautiful knee punching combo coming off at the side and he shook my hand afterwards pleased with it.

It was really nice and strange to see so much progression in the way I was sparring, all I was thinking about was my footwork and the best ways to go about it, normally I just ignore my feet and think with my fists. It gives me comfort to know that I am slowly  developing the way(s) I feel I need to fight in order to prove why I deserve my full Shodan next year.

I’m not as able to go to as many classes as I like, but I am making more of  conscious effort towards my goal then I ever have before. To learn to fight not as a bear, but as a wolf.


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