Row chapters 4 and 5

This chapter was harder to write, as i wanted to establish how the world is being effected outside of the Wardens war. It took me a while to write it, but it helped me lead into chapter 5 which is much better written. I wanted to show how the world has turned since the Wardens fell, and how even their rise is causing new problems.

While both chapter 4 and 5 are first drafts, and chapter 4 could use alot of editing, it helped me lead to chapter 5 which established a few new sinister characters. For this reason I decided to post both 4 and 5 at the same time.

Please tell if you think that I no longer need chapter 4. Also the next few chapters will focus back on the Wardens.

I am thinking about writing a scifi story as well, from a first person perspective, not sure when they all will be posted next, but I will put a notice on here.


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