Sorrow is thy friend

They often say pain is weakness leaving the body,
Then what is sorrow,
It is a change in the state of mind,
Of a loss,
Or something that you haven’t attained,
It is okay to feel sad,
It is okay to cry,
The body needs to release,
To get rid of its pain,
In order to grow stronger,
Emotional pain is as real as physical pain,
But don’t dwell in it thy friend,
For that leads to a lonely journey,
Embrace it for what it is,
A memory or a dream,
Take the moment in your hands,
Take it and overcome it,
You have the power within you,
To become stronger,
To become better,
To become whole,
It may take time,
But believe in yourself,
Believe that not it could,
But it will get better,
As I believe in you


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