LLife is like…..

They often say that life is like tumbling down the rabbit hole,

With its twist and turns,

You don’t know where you are going,

It can be dark and scary and lonesome,

If you let it,

Rather than perceiving it as the rabbit hole,

colstraphoic and painful,

It is not like the rabbit hole,

It is more like a roller coaster,

It can be dark scary and full of madness,

But that is what helps it give us excitement,

The thrill of living,

There are ups and downs,

We all prefer the ups,

The downs help to define us ,

Of who we could become,

I believe if you let it life will keep you down,

Just like Rocky in the films,

If you believe in yourself and push onwards,

You can rise above it,

And surf the clouds,

Looking down upon the world,

With the power of hope


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