Writing ch2 of ROW

So I have just posted chapter 2, it was quiet exciting writing the three chapters in one go. I had some cool ideas and a general direction and went with it. I find this gives you the freedom to experiment and yet stay on track to what you want to write, as whatever you want to write doesn’t always translate into words.

The first chapter was definitely meant to set the mood for a darker tone on this I suppose third revision of this world I created, the Druids are far more darker and mysterious which I believe adds more to the world, not to mention hinting that they are not all on the same page helped make it far more interesting to write.

This second chapter I wanted to focus on writing a bit of a love story as it is something i personally love in some fantasy stories, but an area I rarely write in, which is good for me as it will hopefully develop me as a writer.

The third chapter will be uploaded on saturday, if people like it then I will try to start writing more, but I will have to start planning it out more, I have some general ideas but the more chapters you write, the more of a plan you need.

I will write a synopsis after the three chapters trying to explain a little bit about the world that the wardens have found themselves in.

hope you enjoy.






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