The way of the world

The breeze blows,

And the Willow sways,

Mountains morn and moan,

The beaches glisten in the sun,

Water trickles slowly down the mountains top,

Down the winding river,

It’s currents tossing and turning,

Fishes jump and glide,

Splashing a nearby bear hungry for food,

The bear’s fur get damp with wet,

Its cubs are there to rub and play with it in the sun,

The Wolves watch them play in the shadows,

Anticipating the game of the race,

Indians roam in the sun,

Surfers ride the tranquil waves,

And puppies sun bath by the water,

Why can’t we all find the peace that clearly surrounds us all,

There is so much harmony and tranqulity within the world,

Within our own little worlds,

But we are blinded by it,

We build concrete blocks,

To hide from the sun,

Build the walls,

To not talk to our neighbours,

We are enslaved to the way that we think it should be,

But what makes us think that we have the right idea for happiness,

When we ignore the true beauty of the world,

All around us,

Beneath our feet,

Just stand outside in the sun,

And feel truly feel the breeze,

Blowing through your hair


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