A love short story, and a comic book short story

So I am in a writing mood today, and I have wrote two short stories, one is influenced on a date I went on with a lovely woman, and got lost trying to find one another. She inspired a few stories within me, and I decided to write this story of two people in love trying to find each other on two different worlds, as it is something alien for me to write about. I usually write the action and chaos, and although I have written a few glimpses of a romantic story, it was good practice for me. Of course me being me there is a twist (the story I will write that she has inspired has goblins, this one has a bit of a spooker edge) I just let my imagination run wild.

The second short story is based on when I was trying to get someone to write stories and be creative, and they decided to base a character off on me, (I did for her in a previous short story on my blog) and decided to make it a little grittier and darker then what I am use to. I was trying to write from a perspective of being the victim and seeing the hero or in this case maybe a lesser of two evils villain (or a mixture of the two) and seeing how that played out. For me to grow I need to experiment.




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