Karate, all a matter of perspective

One of the blackbelt’s in our club use to do wing chun, prior to discovering of our karate style, and he did it for several years. It was great fun to train with him in the last session, and he said he liked training with me because I have a different perspective on things, from having a Chinese background (well technically middle ground as I did karate before and afterwards? Lol)in my martial arts, makes me think more outside the box, like he does. To me this was a great compliment, even though I now practice Sanzhan a lot, I always fear that the longer away that I have been from China the more I loose what I learnt there. It is nice to know that gaining that perspective has stayed with me.

Karate is great on its on, it’s my main love but having a Chinese perspective adds an extra dimension not necessarily to my skill set, that would be arrogant of me to think so, but helps make it seem more alive to me. Goju Ryu is a much more Chinese influenced art then a lot of other karate styles (except for a few, especially Uechi Ryu looking at their Sanchin bares much more of a closer semblance to Sanzhan than Goju Ryu’s Sanchin) and I think it is this difference that makes the Okinawan karate styles seem more realistic in a sense (to me at least) in comparison to their Japanese karate counterparts. Not there is nothing wrong with the Japanese karate styles, they are much more straight forward and direct, whereas the Chinese arts add a lot of flowery stuff to make it seem more beautiful. I suppose I am showing my bias here, its why I love the Okinawan styles, there is a good balance between the two. Back to my original point, I’m glad that I still have this Chinese perspective if you will, it helps balance my nature (Japanese if you will, even though I am clearly a White Westerner) of being more straight forward and wanting to use brute power.


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