Asking my subconscious, what animal am i?

Fire within thy soul

Tempered by the tranquillity of water,

Free as a bird in the air

Strength from the earth beneath your feet

Quick to anger to your aggressive nature like a Tasmanian devil,

Strong as a bull,

Stalking your prey like a wolf,

Cuddly and strong like a silverback gorilla,

Agile like a shark within the water,

Yet more natured like a dolphin unless you need to act,

Cheeky like a meerkat talking to a squirrel,

The wolf, the dog the puppy and the cat are kindred spirits to you,

The as powerful as a tiger,

But as lazy and hairy like a lion,

Why stick to one animal of who you could be,

The primal force of nature is at all our feet,

In our stomachs, our tandens,

Why stick to real animals,

You could be like the dragon, phoenix, werewolf or the temple dog,

Perhaps the time hasn’t come yet for you to know what your animal guide is,

Perhaps you need to look at your family history your blood,

Perhaps you will truly discover on the field of truth,

When you proved to yourself on that battlefield,

On that day,

That you are worthy of having your animal spirit tattooed upon thy flesh


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