I can’t I can’t. NO I WILL!

Through the depths of our souls,

Is the key to success and happiness,

To fall in love,

Or to fulfil a dream,

The key to that path is within our hearts,

People tell us we can’t do this,

That we are weak and pathetic,

That we can’t achieve anything,

I am tired of people telling me what I can’t do,

Who I can’t be,

To walk that path kills you a little,

Day by day,

It is time we all stand up and follow our hearts,

Our dreams,

They are the hope that drives us to live,

Don’t let anyone tell you “you can’t”

Don’t let them stop you from your path,

Especially yourself,

Your inner demons,

Rise up and fight,

Rise up and prove everyone wrong,

We should take our dreams,

By the will of our hand,

And make them,

Make them our destiny


13 Responses to I can’t I can’t. NO I WILL!

  1. jdomp says:

    Need to make sense of it all?

  2. J0D says:

    I mean you make sense of life 😀

  3. jdomp says:

    You blog above sounds tormented by memories

    • djsolly1 says:

      Yes and no, it is tormented by some feelings that we all get, when i first started writing poetry by accident at uni, alot of it was dark, very dark and angry. It was my of expressing myself my faults that were quite dark at the time. So alot of my poetry is actually secretly dark, I just try and turn them into a positive spin, as I don’t want to go down that path again. My poem From the ashes rises the phoenix expresses alot of how have felt, and still feel now and then. Most poems i can write without thinking about, but that one took me 6-7 years to write as I couldn’t express myself. I’m glad you liked my poem

  4. jdomp says:

    You would never have to misunderstand yourself again if you took the time to understand the mechanisms that created the current single-awareness state of mind.

  5. djsolly1 says:

    Surely to understand such a concept, one would need to be able to transcend beyond what we can possibly know as we are merely beings who perceive the world from a partial point of view.

    • jdomp says:

      Was there never a time in your life when you were totally unbiased, or perhaps knew something without explanation, instantly.

      To understand such a concept truthfully, one must remove the concepts themselves.

  6. djsolly1 says:

    That is the nature of dreams and intuition, we have all had and occasionally have them, it is trying to discover the real insight from fantasy, that is the true problem.

    Without a concept, how can we truthfully structure the answer in a way that we can actually understand it

  7. jdomp says:

    The labels and structures you describe imply the use of memory and time for story building. These are the fruitless exploits of the ego.

    Free yourself from the internal language, and then you will know.

  8. djsolly1 says:

    Without dreams and memory there is no self. Without stories there is no magic to drive the world.

    I would disagree, I would argue that you would have to free yourself from external language, alot of the time we ignore the little voice in our head that is meant to bare and guide us

    • jdomp says:

      If you are listening to a voice, that implies there is an internal speaker, and an observer of that dialogue. It is the selfless observer which is the saviour of man. Not the self inflating story teller. You will feel this to be true when you seek within and have understood.

  9. jdomp says:

    Only the ego struggles with this. Observe it as it twists and turns and drives the defence mechanisms up. The conflict of language and time and ego-based rhetoric.

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