The fire weeper (character)- guardian of the Phoenix Goddess

The fire weeper is both beautiful and deadly,

To some it’s a curse,

But to her it’s a blessing,

A fable gift from the Goddess of Fire herself,

The Graceful Phoenix who is Equal to the Great Black Dragon,

The fire weeper can control fire by the will of her hands,

And blow the deadliest kiss of them all,

A gentle soul she uses her gifts for protecting,

Her gifts for love,

A warm fire at night,

A wall of fire to protect those dear to her,

But when the life of her unborn Child is threatened,

The son of Kao’s,

Then she becomes as deadly as a reaper,

Nothing to is great for the love of her unborn son,

Ashes to ashes and dust to dust,

No one will harm her son tonight,

The greatest love of them all,

Is the source of her strength,

Fuelling the passions gifted her by the graceful goddess herself,

This all started when a Prophecy was made of who Kao’s could grow up to be,

Who would think that an unborn child could have so much potential,

She doesn’t care how great he is meant to be,

She just loves him with all her heart


One Response to The fire weeper (character)- guardian of the Phoenix Goddess

  1. Jen says:

    Love it dan x

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