Back to basics, back to sparring and grappling

It was good to be sparring and grappling again last session. Recently we have focused on weapon training as they tend to be ignored most of the year, and I learnt a lot about using the Jo staff which is really awesome. Now all the bodies have rested, it is great to get back to fighting one another again.

To me it’s not about who can beat who, but showing your spirit and developing your skills, seeing how to create an opening and what you need to work on. My sticky hand aspect of fighting isn’t as good as usual because I haven’t been practicing it, and I did get annoyed when one of mates was using my own stuff against me!  Cheeky. My high and fast kicks have really improved, faster and snapper than ever! But until get my timing and footwork right, they are just a big deterrent and I just rely on my main close quarter kicks. Trying to develop so that I can fight in longer range is hard, but more of this in my next Sanchin/Sanzhan post.

I can be very light on my feet and explosive, but everytime I decide to fight I go back to rooting my stance and ploughing forward.

I was really happy with the fact that in sparring and also grappling, I felt extremely relaxed and calm, and would explode into quick bursts of movements now and then when I though I needed to, or got annoyed with myself. I can tell that my new way of training has really made my explosive strikes faster but also that I didn’t always have me hands in the right position, which if I used full force would of injured my wrists and fingers many a time. Again more of it on my next Sanchin post.

My main mate said to me that he hadn’t seen me so Go (hard) in years, and I thought I was so much more Ju(soft). I think it is a matter of perception as neither one of us will agree it, but perhaps we are both right in any event it gives me a lot to work on.

I got to face off against one of our Juggernauts which is always fun and scary, his sheer size makes his lightest strikes very hard, his background in Lau Gar is a nice blend, and he dispatched my main mate very well (mostly by accident Lol), but for some reason I intimidate him, either my Sanchin punches are a lot more powerful than I thought but he was a lot more wary, which was good for him as he had to deal with someone who although can’t match his size, can match his power , it was a much slower match. He was analysing how I get my shots in so quickly, and I was trying to work out how to get through such damn big meaty arms! It would have been fine to test each other at full throttle, no holds bar, but ego aside my ribcage is nearly better, no where near 100% and I have to slowly push through the gears. I would rather work slowly and figure how to use sticky hands to make a big man’s size and damn big arms against him. We should call him the black rhino! He is a great guy, like me he is like a puppy about life and charges in when there’s a fight!

I haven’t even mentioned grappling!  It was pretty much the same story, I wasn’t tiring out, I took my time and patience and did little bursts of movement when I needed to.  Perhaps I am maturing as a Shodan-ho. Or perhaps I am sub-consciously stepping up my game, time will tell.


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