Fistral, living for the moment and kata!

Since the grading i have been taking it easy, still training but enjoying life more and trying to live the moment more. I have already noticed that I seem fitter and faster than I have in months, mainly because I am allowing myself to recover quicker. When I have an early shift i do notice my ability to recover goes down, especially as I am trying to do more things in the evenings.

It all requires a balance, which lead me and two friends from karate to have an impulsive trip to devon, which we of course got lost and ended up in Newquay mainly fistral bay (one of the surfers beaches in the world), where we drank, eat, enjoyed the nightlife and the beautiful sights. It was a really amazing time as it felt like we were in another country and we did things at random, giving us a sense of liberty.

We also did a little training, sprinting in and out of the sea really works your legs and lower abs, I was stiff for two days! And I was teaching them kata, my love of Sanchin (and Sanzhan but I was not teaching them it) really grew strong during these few days, and there is a picture of two of us doing saifa on the beach with the sunset seemed surreal. It is one thing I love about kata, you can take them everywhere with you!

I still want to prepare well for the next grading next year, I just want my body to be in good health my mind focused and my spirit in its animal like tranquility.

It felt very okinawan to train on the beach! ous!!


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